Under the Son Academy

(Picture from our Medieval Fair)


Under the Son Academy
a Ministry of Living Word Baptist Church

Our Home school Co-op and Resource Center


Our Mission Statement

  1. Develop Unity
  2. Be a Light for Christ
  3. Provide learning based on Jesus Christ!

(Taken from Matt. 5:14 and Eph. 4:13)


Under the  Son  Academy ministers to home school families by providing a Christ-centered atmosphere and options for educational and social support.  We are here to enhance family life and home education.  We never want to burden families with needless responsibilities.  Families are encouraged to review and pray about their own needs and goals in deciding what classes and activities in which they will participate.


Goals based on Mission Statement

  1. Provide classmates and promote friendships between children of Christian families.
  2. Raise up children who will be witnesses for Jesus Christ in their home and communities.
  3. Based on the classical education model which promotes a Christian World-view in all courses of study, and provide an option of academic instruction in a classroom setting.

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