Outside Use of Nursery


Guidelines for Nursery Use Outside Of Normal LWBC Services

For the use of the nursery outside of normal LWBC services, there are a few guidelines that we ask you to follow. The LWBC staff considers it a great responsibility to make sure that our nursery is the best that it can be in order to properly meet the needs of our children. We are glad to open our nursery for others to use but ask that the following guidelines be upheld.


  • Please do not use our snacks and supplies. We need our supplies for the services.
  • Please no food or drink allowed in the nurseries except for Sippy cups or snacks that you may provide for the children (goldfish, animal crackers. Due to allergies, no food containing nuts are allowed beyond the main nursery door.)
  • Please make sure that all personal items are accounted for and not left behind. LWBC is not responsible for lost items.
  • Please no food or drinks on the carpeted play area. Keep all snacks at the table.

Please take the time to read the instructions on cleanup located in the nurseries.

  • Pick up and straighten toys.
  • Vacuum.
  • Wipe down any toys that have been played with, with CLOROX wipes.
  • CLOROX Wipe – slide, tables and seating, train table, kitchen, etc.
  • CLOROX changing pad and underneath.
  • Give bathroom a quick check (toilets flushed, faucets off, etc.)
  • Please make sure all lights are turned off.

Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation in these matters. May God Bless,

Nursery Directors Makaela Suitt Joy Knapton

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