Nursery – Procedures and Guidelines for Volunteers



  • Makaela or Joy will usually be there to check-in children so that all workers can be in the nursery with the children.
  • Parents are to wait in the hall for a worker to assist them.
  • Parents will check their child-in using the check-in system located in the Nursery hallway and Makaela or Joy will then bring them back to the child’s assigned room.


  • Please try to be in Nursery 15 minutes ahead off time so parents will have enough time to drop off children.
  • Please keep the half door locked at all times. Some children may try to leave the nursery.
  • Do not take a child out of the nursery unless of an emergency and only with permission from Makaela or Joy.
  • If Makaela or Joy is needed during services, please do not hesitate to text Makaela or Joy if you need help.
  • Do not leave any child unattended for any reason. There must be one worker present in each room at all times.

Diaper Change and Bathroom Policy:

  • If you need to use the restroom, use the bathroom located in the toddler nursery. Please let the other workers know where you will be.
  • Always wash your hands after using the restroom.
  • Change the child’s diaper when needed. Wear gloves with every diaper change. Use hand sanitizer after every diaper change.
  • Men are never allowed to change a child’s diaper unless they are the father of the child.
  • Some children are potty training and will need to be taken to the restroom during service.
  • When taking a child to the bathroom, ask the child if they are able to take care of everything themselves. If a child cannot, assist the child by placing them on the seat.
  • To insure privacy for the child, please leave the door partially open and wait outside the door until the child is done using the restroom.
  • The child may need help getting dressed. Please leave the door partially opened for security reasons.
  • Please wash the child’s hands after the child’s hands after potty time.

Accidental Report

  • Text Makaela or Joy If Any Accident Occurs (fall, bite, soiled clothes, etc.). We will need to fill out an Incident Report.
  • Communication with parents will be overseen by Makaela or Joy, never by workers.
  • Please report any minor incident of scrape, bump, upset child, etc. to and Makaela or Joy.
  • If we feel that any child is behaving in a way that is detrimental to the other children or workers, we will notify the parents.
  • After three warnings we will ask the parent to not bring child for_____________ period of time, depending on the situation.


  • If a child is sick or showing any symptoms (runny nose, cough, vomiting, rash, etc.) text Makaela or Joy.
  • Makaela or Joy will then remove the child from the classroom and contact the parent. The child will remain with Makaela or Joy in the hallways until the child can be picked up.
  • Do not give any medication to children, only the parent may give the medication.
  • CLOROX any and all areas that the child had contact with.


  • If there are any toys, furniture, or supplies that need to be replaced, or snacks that need to be filled, please let us know. You are the best judge on the condition of the nurseries and we value your opinion. Please write down suggestions and needed items and give to Makaela or Joy.
  • Please no food of any kind allowed in the nursery except for Sippy cups and provided snacks for the children.

Interaction with Children:

  • Play with all children.
  • If a child comes into the nursery with a soiled diaper, change their diaper. If a child comes in un-kept, wipe the child down with a baby wipe. We don’t always know how a child’s home life is so love on the child and take care of them while they are in our care.
  • Have a smile in your heart and on your face when you are with the children and parents. We always want our nursery to be a testimony to others and an uplifting place to be.


  • Follow instructions left by parent (naps, feeding time, instructions for bottle, etc.)
  • Participate with the child in either of these types of activities: Floor play (lay out blanket, put toys or mobile around them)
  • Bouncy chair, excersaucer, or swing (always strap child in).
  • Some infants may not be able to sit by themselves. Sit nearby, use the Boppy pillow or baby seat.
  • Always lay child on back when sleeping.


  • Workers need to assist teacher during lesson, snacks, and craft time.
  • Always have worker with child at activity stations. Only one station going at a time.
  • Keep snack time at the table. Keep all snacks and Sippy cups off the carpet play area.
  • Make sure all the Sippy cups are labeled.
  • If children bring their own snacks, please keep it in their diaper bag (other children may get jealous of their snack.) The nursery will always provide goldfish or animal crackers for the children.
  • Children with allergies are allowed to bring their own snack provided by parent.
  • 10-15 minutes before the service ends, begin changing diapers.
  • 5 to 10 minutes before the service ends, begin to gather the children’s belongings (Sippy cups, shoes, bows, toys, etc.) This will greatly assist in checking out the children.


  • All children will be returned to parents for pick-up by Makaela or Joy.
  • If you are not familiar with the families or the child, please check with Makaela or Joy.
  • No One except for people on child’s information sticker may pick up Child. 
  • Please help the checkout process by gathering all of the child’s belongings and place them in the hallway.
  • After all the children have gone, follow cleanup instructions.


  • Please take the time to read the instructions on cleanup located in the nurseries.
  • Try to keep toys pick up at all times to prevent injury
  • Empty and place any remaining Sippy cups in the bin underneath the classroom sinks.
  • Wipe down any toys that have been played with, with CLOROX wipes.
  • Pick up and straighten toys.
  • LYSOL spray – slide, rocking chairs, kitchen, etc.
  • CLOROX table and chairs.
  • CLOROX changing pad and underneath.
  • Give bathroom a quick check (toilets flushed, faucets off, etc.)


  • We will always try to have the schedule out at least a month in advance
  • Please inform Makaela or Joy of any vacations or work schedules that will interfere with your nursery schedule.
  • Please call Makaela or Joy at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to help in the nursery at your scheduled time, this will allow us to get a replacement.

Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation in these matters. We appreciate your help and your service.

Nursery Directors,

Makaela Suitt and Joy Knapton