Nursery – Check In


Checking In Your Child

When you bring your child to the nursery we identify, care for and release the children with safety and communication in mind using two methods:


Pages for all our regular children which have pictures of approved persons that are able to pick up your child.


Pagers that will vibrate if we need to contact you during a service because of sickness, crying or any other potential problems. This will allow you to enjoy the service knowing that your child is doing great and they are being taken care of with the best care possible.

The pagers are provided for members and visitors.

New Parents

For the first few months you may not be ready to leave your newborn in the nursery. For this reason we ask that you please take advantage of our nursery to feed, rock, and change diapers.  When the time comes to leave your child with us you will be more familiar and comfortable with the nursery.