Nursery – Check In

Checking In Your Child

When you bring your child to the nursery, we identify, care for, and release the children with safety and communication in mind.

Check In: 

  • Makaela or Joy will usually be there to check in children so that all workers can be in the nursery with the children.
  • Please check your child in using the check in system located in the Nursery hallway.
  • If you have any additional items such as a diaper bag, Sippy cup, blanket, etc. please have the items labeled before entering the nursery.


If we need to contact you during a service because of sickness, crying, or any other potential problems, a text will be sent to the parents. This will allow you to enjoy the service knowing that your child is doing great and they are being taken care of with the best care possible.

     New Parents:

If you are not ready to leave your child in the nursery, we encourage you to use the nursery to feed and change diapers. This way, when you are ready, you and your child will be familiar with the rooms and volunteers.