Church Equipment Loan Form


In order to be a good steward of church resources (equipment/property) and to be responsive to the requests of Living Word Baptist Church, the following guidelines are to be followed.


  1. This Church Equipment Loan Form must be filled out for approval.
  2. Upon approval, someone from the church office will contact you, arranging a time when the requested equipment may be picked up.
  3. The equipment must be returned to the church during office hours no later than 48 hours after the event.
  4. Any damages to the church equipment will be the responsibility of the borrower.

Church Equipment Loan Form

  • Please explain your affiliation with Living Word.
  • List everything that will be taken from church properties. If there is more than one, list how many?
  • Location equipment will be used
  • Date(s) equipment will be used
  • By entering your name here, you are accepting all financial responsibility in case of loss of, or damage to equipment, should this request be approved.